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Margaret McCallion (Member)

United Kingdom

I am Margaret McCallion and I live in Glasgow.  I am a member of the Scottish Dementia Working Group and a new member of the EWGPWD and very happy to be involved in both groups.

I have a kind of dementia, ie I was diagnosed in 2016 with 'CR0972f' (young-onset Frontotemporal dementia) which I think sounds a bit like something from the likes of Star Wars! I was still working when I began getting Neuro tests however my employer decided that I was no longer required  - "if you had cancer we could have kept you on in a lower grade" - I was shocked.  However my Neuro Consultant is lovely and he suggested I go to a new Resource Centre in Glasgow.  I had reservations about this but was pleasantly surprised at the warm welcome I received and support, and it was through that Centre that I found out about SDWG and through SDWG I found out about EWGPWD.

I am thankful I keep good health and have great support from my family, friends, religion and Alzheimer Scotland!

Margaret was nominted by Alzheimer Scotland, to join the European Working Group in October 2020.



Last Updated: Friday 11 December 2020