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Science watch


Our science watch section reports on the story behind the media-reported “breakthrough” headlines in dementia, by focusing on the original journal study. Reports of other developments in research on care and cure are also included.

27/04/2018 Researchers investigate the effect of music on the activation of brain regions in people with dementia
25/04/2018 Alkahest launches Phase 2 trial for GRF6019 in people with mild to moderate AD
24/04/2018 Recent study investigates hospital dementia diagnosis accuracy
13/04/2018 National Institute of Health study investigates the link between sleep deprivation and beta-amyloid
11/04/2018 Scientists report findings on the incidence of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases at focus meeting
09/04/2018 vTv Therapeutics’s experimental AD drug fails to meet its co-primary endpoints in Phase 3 study
06/04/2018 Researchers suggest a blood test to detect AD with 86% accuracy
04/04/2018 Oryzon Genomics receives approval to initiate Phase 2a trial for ORY2001 in people with mild and moderate AD
04/04/2018 Scientists report an imaging method to evaluate astrocyte-neuron proximity
01/04/2018 Recent study suggests new AD genetic risk factors in the Chinese population
30/03/2018 Research suggests that a new antibody could reduce amyloid plaques in mouse models
23/03/2018 US survey assesses features of stigma attributed to Alzheimer’s disease dementia
22/03/2018 Use of antiepileptic drugs may increase risk of AD and dementia
19/03/2018 Otsuka and Lundbeck report positive results for the treatment of agitation related to AD
17/03/2018 Women’s Brain Project reports on its recent symposium on sex and gender differences in neurodegenerative diseases at the AAT-AD/PD in Torino