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Country comparisons

Alzheimer Europe is uniquely placed to carry out country comparisons in relation to particular issues which surround dementia. These comparisons highlight the sometimes stark differences between the European countries’ approaches as well establishing commonalities. We have carried out four such comparisons on:

a) Homecare: In 2005 our homecare project revealed tremendous differences between countries, (particularly in terms of State responsibility, funding, the role of families and the actual availability of home care services) whilst finding common ground other areas (eg. a lack of any specific reference to people with dementia in laws and documents pertaining to the provision of homecare services).

b) Advance directives: A comparative project on the legal status of advance directives in Europe carried out in 2006 also revealed differences between participating countries, with a few countries (Greece, Portugal and Turkey) being omitted as the concept of advance directives was found to be practically unknown. The project resulted in the publication of Alzheimer Europe’s position on advance directives which provides information on the legal, ethical, medical and personal and practical issues surrounding the use of advance directives in the case of dementia.

c) the Reimbursement of anti-dementia drugs: In 2006 Alzheimer Europe conducted a survey on the reimbursement of anti-dementia drugs. This survey revealed that people with Alzheimer’s disease do not have equal access to existing dementia treatments in Europe as access is subject to a great many restrictions with huge variations in access between European countries being found.

d) Social support: As part of the European Collaboration on Dementia (EuroCoDe) project, Alzheimer Europe carried out a survey into the level of social support provided to people with dementia and their carers in the member states of the European Union, as well as in Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. This revealed variations as well as a lack of services for people with dementia. Recommendations were drawn from this survey and published in the 2008 Alzheimer Europe Yearbook.


Last Updated: Friday 14 November 2014