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German Ethics Council names dementia as a major challenge of our time

Tuesday 24 April 2012

On 24 April, the German Ethics Council published an opinion on "Dementia and Self-determination" that identifies dementia as one of the major health and social challenges of our time.

The opinion points out that people with dementia live with diminished mental, emotional and social resources. Therefore, it is essential to preserve "each remaining independence and self-determination" for as long as possible.

Heike von Lützau-Hohlbein, chairperson of the German Alzheimer Society, said: "I am very pleased that the German Ethics Council has made this extensive study on dementia. It is very important to recognise that people with dementia have a right to self-determination and a right to participate in society.

"The members of the Ethics Council also expressed their support for the German national dementia plan, but pointed out that the plan could not develop without additional funding. I would urge all the Members of Parliament to read the Ethics Council report before they discuss care reform next Thursday."