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Alzheimer Scotland prevalence figures updated

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Alzheimer Scotland has announced its updated dementia prevalence statistics, amending its previous figure of 72,500 to 82,500 people with dementia in Scotland. The figure will double within a generation.


Henry Simmons, Chief Executive of Alzheimer Scotland, states “The majority of the increase can be attributed to a more accurate measuring of dementia among the oldest old (those aged 90 and up), particularly women. So, while a recent announcement from the Department of Work and Pensions that one in six of the UK population can expect to reach the age of 100 is to be welcomed, we should also consider that up to half of those people will (by current trends) have some form of dementia. How will Scotland cope with that?


“In our most recent public opinion survey, one in four of those questioned said that a political party’s policies on dementia would influence their vote. Yet only two of Scotland’s main parties, the SNP and Scottish Labour, make direct reference to dementia in their manifestos. We are surprised that dementia is so under-represented in the political debate surrounding the forthcoming Scottish election, as it is the biggest public health issue currently facing the country. We have an immense challenge if we are to continue to tackle the key issues of dementia support and care across Scotland”.


The source of the updated figures is Alzheimer Europe’s European Collaboration in Dementia Project (EuroCoDe) 2008.


For further information please see the article entitled “New dementia prevalence statistics announced” on the Alzheimer Scotland website at: