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Alzheimer’s Society contribute to the consultation for Northern Ireland’s first dementia strategy

Wednesday 01 September 2010

The consultation for Northern Ireland’s first dementia strategy ended at the beginning of September. As party of the consultation response, Alzheimer’s Society asked who use Alzheimer’s Society services about health and social care and support. Their survey found that

  • 90 per cent of people do not think people with dementia in Northern Ireland are getting enough help and support
  • 13% of people with dementia and their carers said they always receive high quality care.

Other key points in Alzheimer's Society's consultation response include:

  • The strategy does not have to have huge funding implications but it must make efficient use of available funding and have realistic costs attached to identified priority
  • There is insufficient evidence about the current standard of services or detailed time frames for when proposed changes would be implemented
  • There needs to be strong leadership at a national and local level if we are to make the most of this opportunity
  • More focus needs to be placed on early intervention so we can reduce or prevent the need for expensive hospital or residential care.

Deirdre Blakely, Acting Director for Northern Ireland for Alzheimer's Society, said:


“If it is to be a success, the voice of people with dementia should be evident throughout. We also need to see a clearer roadmap for change with an accurate picture of the inconsistent standards we have today and the ideals that we have to achieve.”


For further information please see the article entitled “Alzheimer’s Society survey shows vital need for well-thought through Northern Ireland dementia strategy” on the Alzheimer’s Society website at: