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EU projects


Articles related to European projects in which Alzheimer Europe is involved.

21/05/2018 People with dementia, carers and MinD project members meet for the third time to work together
17/05/2018 Reviewers rate progress in the final year of PredictND as excellent
17/05/2018 The INDUCT FindMyApps project launches website
10/05/2018 Study centres University Hospital Cologne and Fundacio ACE start screenings for the MOPEAD project
07/05/2018 SyDAD annual meeting held in Milan
04/05/2018 AMYPAD diagnostic and patient management study enrols its first research participant
01/05/2018 EPAD publishes its virtual registry to facilitate Alzheimer's disease prevention trial recruitment
26/04/2018 ROADMAP project holds 5th General Assembly Meeting in Barcelona
24/04/2018 INDUCT project is investigating implementation trajectories of E-health interventions for caregivers of people with dementia
18/04/2018 European Medical Information Framework project holds Symposium on “Liberating Evidence from European Health Data”
18/04/2018 AMYPAD holds an open Lecture on Biomarkers and Disease Modeling in Alzheimer’s disease
16/04/2018 EPAD paper reviews expectations of living with Alzheimer’s disease risk based on focus group research conducted in UK and Spain
10/04/2018 PARADIGM, a unique collaboration for better patient engagement in medicines development kicks off with the First ever Open Forum on Patient Engagement
10/04/2018 First PARADIGM Open Patient Engagement Forum is held in Brussels
10/04/2018 PredictND project report published on European Commission website