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European Commission opens EIP AHA Marketplace

Tuesday 03 April 2012

On 3 April, the European Commission launched the "Marketplace for innovative ideas" as part of the implementation of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA).

This is an interactive website designed to help like-minded stakeholders work together and develop innovative ideas, in line with the six priorities identified in the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP). The Marketplace helps stakeholders to:

- find partners and collaborate with them on initiatives and projects

- find an initiative in which they would like to participate

- be identified as potential partners

- share information on ageing and innovation

- participate in the discussion forum

- promote events related to active and healthy ageing.

This website complements the "Invitation for Commitment" launched at the end of February. This enables all stakeholders to submit a commitment to be an active partner in the implementation of the SIP. Stakeholders must be ready to mobilise sufficient resources in support of one or several priorities of the SIP and form a partnership with other stakeholders.

The Marketplace also complements the invitation for "Expression of Intent to be a candidate Reference Site". Reference Sites are defined as regions, cities or integrated hospital/care organisations established in a geographical region that provides a comprehensive innovation-based approach to active and healthy ageing. They provide concrete examples of existing and successful integrated solutions, based on evidence of their impact in practice.

As a condition, by submitting an Expression of Intent, the stakeholders will need to confirm their readiness to commit to one or more of the specific actions of the SIP.