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Contact your national Alzheimer Association

Alzheimer associations are a central component in how we assist people with dementia and their carers. Originally they were created for three reasons:

  1. to provide much needed information on Alzheimer’s disease
  2. to provide support for carers and to provide them with the possibility to exchange information and experiences and
  3. to raise awareness in order to ensure that people are diagnosed properly. Over time, the associations have grown considerably, both in the size of each organisation themselves, but also in terms of the number of national associations which now exist.

The first European national association was in the UK, which was set up in 1979. 30 years on, and there are now over 30 national associations within Europe. As the organisations grew, so did their work mandate which extended to include campaigns for particular issues as well as policy work.

To contact your national association, visit our member organisations' page.


Last Updated: mercredi 28 mars 2012



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