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Ethical questions pose challenges in the every day lives of family carers and professional caregivers when caring for people with dementia. Ethical principles such as dignity, solidarity, autonomy or respect all intervene in varying degrees in the different stages of the disease and different answers to these ethical questions may be provided depending on religious or cultural beliefs. Similarly, there may be differences in ethical appreciations between different nationalities or different professions.


The initiators of the Dementia Ethics Network

Dementia Ethics Network

The Dementia Ethics Network aims to become a reference point on ethical issues in the care and treatment of people with dementia. This information will be shared on the website, at annual forums and also in publications dedicated to specific ethical issues.

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Ethical definitions and approaches

Definitions and approaches

Broadly speaking, ethics is a branch of philosophy which seeks to address issues related to concepts of right and wrong. Read more about important ethical concepts and approaches.

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Ethical issues in practice

Ethical issues in practice

This section provides more in-depth discussions of some of the ethical issues raised by the care of people with dementia. Find out more about ethical principles and advance directives, the involevement of people with dementia in research, restrictions of liberty and end-of-life care.

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Last Updated: jeudi 07 juin 2012

  • Acknowledgements

    Alzheimer Europe gratefully acknowledges the support of the German Ministry of Health for the implementation of the Dementia Ethics Network.
  • Bundesministerium für Gesundheit


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