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National Dementia Plans

In September 2013, Greek Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis announced the formation of a working group to draft a national dementia strategy. The group of eight members met for the first time in November. It is headed by Dr Paraskevi Sakka, President of the Athens Alzheimer’s Association and also includes professors of neurology, psychiatry and law as well as health economists and carers.

There are currently very few specialised services for people with dementia in Greece. These include 15 memory clinics, 13 day care centres and three respite care facilities that serve more than 5,000 people with dementia and their carers. In contrast, ADI’s World Alzheimer Report 2013 shows that there are 200,000 people with dementia in Greece and 400,000 family carers to look after them.

The Greek Alzheimer associations are very active, organising awareness campaigns, seminars for health professionals, screening programs for the public, educational programs for carers and also scientific research. The associations will continue to be closely involved in the development and implementation of the national dementia strategy.



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