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Our work

Currently, Alzheimer Europe is working on three projects: (a) a Dementia Research Observatory is being developed with the aim of increasing the understanding of how research is carried out as well as issues surrounding participation. A database of clinical trials will also be created; (b) “Lawnet” – by collating and updating information from around Europe on each country’s laws with respect to guardianship, deprivation of liberty and health care and decision making, Alzheimer Europe is able to have a comparative report on the legal status of each participating country. This data may be used to help to develop guidelines for various legal issues, (c) the Dementia Ethics Network which brings together European experts for frank and open discussion of the ethical issues which surround dementia.

Alzheimer Europe has completed 15 projects since 1995. The last to be completed was the European Collaboration on Dementia (EuroCoDe) project in December 2008.

We also strive to facilitate a greater understanding of dementia by organising events such as our annual conference and lunch debates within the European Parliament. We have consultative status with the Council of Minsters and we are periodically asked to offer our opinion on various issues surrounding dementia. Finally, we are a source of information on dementia, providing up to date information in our publications (such as our monthly newsletter, the Dementia in Europe magazine, Yearbooks as well as books on specific areas such as end of life care) and on our website.


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    The Alzheimer Europe website arises from the Work Plan of Alzheimer Europe, which has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme.
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