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Programme Overview

Berlin 2017

Monday, 2 October 2017

9.00 - 17.00 INTERDEM Meeting (invitation only)

14.00-17.00 Alzheimer Europe Annual General Meeting

18.00-18.30 Opening ceremony

18.30-19.00 Keynote lecture

19.00-20.30 Welcome Reception

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

08.30-10.00 Plenary session: PL1. Living with dementia

10.00-10.30 Coffee break and poster exhibition PO1 and PO2

10.30-12.00 Round table discussion: PL2. Dementia care in the 21st century

12.00-14.00 Lunch

12.45-13.45 Special Symposia: SS1.

12.45-13.45 Special Symposia: SS2.

14.00-15.30 Parallel Sessions: 

  • P1. Living with dementia: People with dementia
  • P2. Dementia care: Post-diagnostic support
  • P3. Medical aspects: Diagnosis
  • P4. Legal and ethical issues: Ethical issues linked to dementia research
  • G1. Neue Wohnformen
  • W1. Intellectual disability and dementia
  • INTERDEM Session

15.30-16.00    Coffee break and poster exhibition PO1 and PO2

16.00-17.30 Parallel Sessions:

  • P5. Living with dementia: Carers of people with dementia
  • P6. Dementia care: Residential care
  • P7. Medical aspects: Behavioural and psychological symtoms of dementia
  • P8. Legal and ethical issues: Proxy-decison making systems
  • G2. Demenz und Autofahren
  • W2. Ask the expert
  • INTERDEM Session

19.00-24.00 Gala Dinner

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

08.30-10.00 Parallel Session:

  • P9. Living with dementia: Sexuality and dementia
  • P10. Dementia care: Carer training
  • P11. Medical aspects: People with dementia in hopsitals
  • P12. Legal and ethical issues: Ethics of assistive technologies
  • G3. Seltene Demenzformen
  • W3.  ActifCare
  • INTERDEM Session

10.00-10.30    Coffee break and poster exhibition PO3 and PO4

10.30-12.00    Parallel Session:

  • P13. Living with dementia: Migration and dementia
  • P14. Dementia care: Home care and support
  • P15. Medical aspects: Treatment and management of dementia
  • P16. Legal and ethical issues: End-of-life care and decisions
  • G4. Demenz im Krankenhaus (in collaboration with Robert Bosch Stiftung)
  • W4. Ask the experts
  • INTERDEM Session

12.00-14.00    Lunch

12.15-13.15    Special symposia: SS3

12.15-13.15   Special symposia: SS3

14.00-15.30    Plenary session: PL3. Improving the diagnosis and management of dementia

15.30-16.00    Coffee break and poster exhibition

16.00-17.30    Plenary session: PL4. Round table discussion: Care today, cure tomorrow - Identifying current and future research priorities

17.30-18.00    Closing Ceremony

  • Welcome to the 28th Alzheimer Europe Conference
  • Closing comments and farewell



Last Updated: Wednesday 08 March 2017


  • Acknowledgements

    The 27th AE Conference in Berlin received funding under an operating grant from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020). Alzheimer Europe and Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft e.V. gratefully acknowledge the support of all conference sponsors.
  • European Union
  • Roche