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2016 Copenhagen


Dear colleagues and friends

We are delighted to welcome you to the 26th Annual Conference of Alzheimer Europe which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark from 31 October–2 November 2016.

The theme for this year is“Excellence in dementia research and care”

The conference will address numerous aspects of developing a dementia-friendly society, exploring the challenges concerning excellence in diagnosis, medical treatment and research as well as innovative person-centered care related to the progress of the disease and living well with dementia in society.

This year we have invited people with dementia and their carers to contribute to the mutual understanding of what is at stake when living with dementia, and to suggest necessary steps towards the dementia-friendly society and care environment.

At this year`s conference we will also face political and professional issues according to continue and increase a strong focus on excellence in the field of dementia, e.g. we will address minority groups, Hospital care and End-of-life care as special areas for developing excellence in care and treatment.

We will also present experiences from national strategies and action plans from the Nordic countries as contribution and inspiration to the overall focus on excellence in treatment, care, well-being in every-day life and the urgent need to reduced stigma in society.

The Annual Alzheimer Europe conference is, once again, unique in bringing together a range of participants, including people with dementia and their carers (and make their voices heard), policy makers and civil servants, health and care professionals, academics and researchers, staff and volunteers of Alzheimer associations  and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry. In this context, we would also like to thank the European Union for the generous support provided via the health programme for our conference.

We hope that you will share your research, projects, initiatives and activities and learn from (and exchange with) other participants to help us in ensuring excellence in treatment and care for everyone affected by dementia.


Heike von Lützau-Hohlbein,

Chairperson / Alzheimer Europe

Birgitte Vølund

Chairperson / Alzheimerforeningen - The Danish Alzheimer Association


Last Updated: Thursday 07 April 2016


  • Acknowledgements

    The 26th AE Conference in Copenhagen received funding under an operating grant from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020). Alzheimer Europe and Alzheimerforeningen gratefully acknowledge the support of all conference sponsors.
  • European Union
  • Roche