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October 2013: EWGPWD prepares for the Alzheimer Europe Conference

News & Activities

The European Working Group of People with Dementia met on 9 October 2013 in Malta to prepare their participation in Alzheimer Europe’s annual conference.

The group, chaired by Helga Rohra, prepared their presentations for the symposium "Nothing about us without us", where conference delegates could hear their key messages based on their personal experience of dementia and ask questions. The members of the group wanted to help reduce the fear associated with dementia, focus on remaining capacities and show that people with dementia have a role to play in society. The group also helped Nina Baláčková prepare for her speech in one of the plenary sessions.

All the members agreed that it was important to be easily recognisable as a member of EWGPWD. For this reason, they had arranged to wear special green access badges. They also agreed on how to organise their stand and on who would be present to greet and inform participants. Everyone had a role to play, including the distribution of copies of the newly created information sheet about the group.



Last Updated: Thursday 02 October 2014