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March 2014: EWGPWD Executive holds meeting in Luxembourg

News & Activities

The members of the Executive of the European Working Group of People with Dementia met at the Alzheimer Europe (AE) offices in Luxembourg on 3-4 March. Helga Rohra (Chairperson) and Vice Chairpersons Nina Balackova and Jean-Pierre Frognet attended in person, while Vice Chairperson Agnes Houston joined the meeting via Skype. Caregivers Marie-Anne Schreder and Jan Zámyslický were also present.

The meeting began with feedback from the 2013 AE Conference in Malta and a discussion about presentation topics for the Glasgow Conference. The group also discussed their wish to enhance the involvement and support of the national Alzheimer associations that nominate all EWGPWD members. Internal and external communications were also on the agenda, as the members talked about setting up a private Facebook page and updating the Group’s leaflet.

They also conferred with Alzheimer Europe colleagues about contributing articles to AE’s publications. The delegates also discussed the growing role of EWGPWD members in AE work, such as the Clinical Trial and Ethics projects. Finally, they talked about the upcoming elections in the European Parliament and also in the EWGPWD.



Last Updated: Thursday 02 October 2014