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June 2014: EWGPWD’s Daphne Wallace reports on activities in UK this year

News & Activities

Since this time last year a lot of things have happened in UK with regards to dementia. In December there was a G8 Summit Meeting and dementia was a topic that came up for discussion.

At the end of February 2014 David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK announced the plans in UK to tackle the issues identified at the G8 meeting. He announced a £90 million package to improve dementia diagnosis and care. This was intended to help solve a problem with diagnosis in UK: diagnosis can take up to 25 weeks (or more) for some while other people receive a diagnosis in 6 weeks.

David Cameron also announced the appointment of a World Dementia Envoy to raise funds for research towards a cure (Dr Dennis Gillings, CBE, PH.D.). This followed a landmark agreement by the G8 countries following the summit in London in December 2013.

The marked difference in rate of diagnosis by GPs between France and UK (more GPs than relatives initiate diagnosis in France, the opposite is true in UK) has been looked at by the Health Secretary who visited France in February this year to learn how this has been achieved.

Throughout the UK in the last 6 months an increasing number of people from all walks of life in UK have become “Dementia Friends”. This means that they have had some basic instruction with regard to dementia and its effects on day to day life for those with the diagnosis and their carers. Basic knowledge includes the fact that not all dementias are the same, both in their effects and the problems they cause. At the same time four major businesses in UK have pledged all staff to become Dementia Friends and ensured understanding in dealing with any problems that arise. It is hoped that over the next 12 months an increasing number will become sensitive in this way to the problems of those with dementia and their carers over day to day things and how to make a difference.

As an Ambassador for the Society and a person with dementia I am always glad to hear of these developments and pleased that now people with dementia are given a voice and can influence how things can be improved.



Last Updated: Thursday 02 October 2014