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24 February 2016: EWGPWD Chairperson Helga Rohra gives keynote speech at Romanian Conference

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From 24 to 27 February, the Romanian Alzheimer Conference was held in Bucharest. Helga Rohra, Chairperson of Alzheimer Europe’s European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD) was invited to speak. She made a big contribution to the conference, speaking at the opening as well as giving a keynote lecture. She was also interviewed on local and national television channels and spoke at the press conference prior to the conference.

Ms Rohra (pictured, left, alongside Maria Moglan from the Romanian Alzheimer Society) said she was pleased and honoured to have been invited as such a high profile guest at this conference. As a person living with dementia, she feels her contribution was an important one. She took numerous opportunities to speak about the work being done both by Alzheimer Europe (AE) and by the EWGPWD. She also spoke about the importance of national dementia working groups.

Despite there being no translators at the conference, which made things quite difficult, Ms Rohra was able to adapt to the situation: she asked for her speeches and comments to be written down in Romanian and read this out, to ensure local politicians and other local participants were able to understand her, as many of them did not speak English. She was keen to emphasise that people with dementia can adapt, when faced with new and difficult situations such as this and that her efforts were appreciated by the organisers and local participants.

The conference attracted over 350 delegates.



Last Updated: Tuesday 26 April 2016