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1998-2000: Intranet

Completed projects


Alzheimer Europe already had a multi-lingual Internet site containing a wealth of information about Alzheimer’s disease and related issues. However, we wanted to also make use of available technologies to improve communication and the sharing of information between our member associations in Europe through the creation of an Intranet system.

Funding and duration

The Intranet Project was funded by the European Commission under the programme "Actions in favour of people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, more particularly Alzheimer type (DAT) and related disorders and their (informal) carers".

The project ran from December 1998 to June 2000.


The following member associations were involved in the project:

  • Finland: Alzheimer-Keskusliitto
  • Germany: Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft
  • Ireland: Alzheimer Society of Ireland
  • Luxembourg: Association Luxembourg Alzheimer
  • Romania: Societatea Alzheimer
  • The Netherlands: Alzheimerstichting
  • United Kingdom: Alzheimer's Society


The aim of this project was to create a private European computer network (Intranet) linking together first the Alzheimer self help movement and at a later stage other interested parties, such as research institutes, service providers, and medical and professional organisations active in the field of Alzheimer's disease. Users would all have a password and unauthorised users would be unable to gain access.

The main goals were:

  • to improve the mechanics of information exchange
  • to ensure a more efficient and effective communications process
  • to create a common memory with all relevant data


An Intranet prototype was first created and then discussed, tried out and refined. This was accomplished with the help of a steering group in the course of a series of meetings held in Luxembourg and the Netherlands. During these meetings, members of the steering group discussed the content, tested the different sections and suggested amendments.

A training workshop was held in Munich in October 2000 for the other member associations of Alzheimer Europe in order to ensure that everyone would be able to benefit from the new system once implemented.


The Alzheimer Europe Intranet system is now up and running. Member organisations all have a password which enables them to access the system directly from our Internet site. The Intranet is divided into 7 sections:

  • administration
  • members
  • what's new
  • contact
  • library
  • internal documents
  • communication



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